Visual Voltage

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“visual voltage is an exhibition which explores the use of energy through smart design. the show is meant to give insight into electricity, energy consumption and environmental issues. the projects on show are all developed by swedish designers and artists, expressing their  creative roles as a means to generate awareness and debates on essential issues such as  sustainability and energy consumption, shedding new light on how we use electricity.  the exhibition is one of the expos which is part of design september brussels 2009 which runs from september 10th to october 2nd, 2009.”


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John Thackara

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John Thackara gives a very interesting talk at Doga during the conference on New Architectur Politics in Norway.


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“Project bazaars and festivals
On a larger scale, as Director of Doors of Perception, John also organises larger scale events and festivals in which citizens, designers, and grassroots innovators explore two questions: “what might life in a sustainable world be like?”; and, “what design steps are needed to get us from here, to there?”. In recent times, John was programme programme director of Designs of the time (Dott 07) in England, and in 2008 he was commissioner of City Eco Lab at the St Etienne Design Biennial in France. Doors events bring real-world sustainability projects together so they may cross-fertilise, and grow. “

Sunny Flower

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“‘Sunny Flower’ by Chinese designer fandi meng is a personal solar charging device. It works by spreading the petals onto glass to absorb sunshine. Once charged you can harvest the power for your iphone or mp3 player.



Solar Forest

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“Designer Neville Mars has designed a charging station that keeps your car both cool and charged.”

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Masdar City – Abu Dhabi

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“We have shown so many awful projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that it was hard to take projects like Masdar seriously; are they real or greenwashing? Now it appears that Lord Foster’s Masdar is under construction and they are getting serious. When people think about sustainability, they think about devices,” said Gerard Evenden, a partner at Foster and Partners, the British architectural firm that is designing the site. “But here you’re taking it to a city scale, which has much more of an impact — connecting the devices to the structure to the transportation to the people. The city will have no cars; people will move around using driverless electric vehicles that move on a subterranean level. The air-conditioning will be solar powered.”

Masdar City Chosen as World Headquarters for New International Renewable Energy Agency:

“UAE to Pay All IRENA’s Operating Costs
As part of its commitment, the United Arab Emirates has agreed to grant $136 million over a six year period the IRENA, as well as covering all operations costs for the organization for perpetuity. Additionally, the Abu Dhabi Fund has been set up as an endowment that will give out up to $50 million annually to renewable energy projects in the developing world.”

Janine Benyus shares nature’s designs

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“As champion of biomimicry, Benyus has become one of the most important voices in a new wave of designers and engineers inspired by nature. Her most recent project, AskNature, explores what happens if we think of nature by function and looks at what organisms can teach us about design.”

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