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Renreklame is the only Norwegian provider of green outdoor advertising. The concept is based on communicating a message, without doing it on the expense of the environment. The company is creating advertising through using what is already at hand in nature. They make what they call green graffiti or reverse graffiti, moss and ice advertising.

Images borrowed from Renreklame

Green grafitti is also made as artistic wall murals, such as the one by Anna Garforth shown on the image below, found at GreenUpgrader. Anna Garforth has done many interesting and beautiful artworks using what is at hand in nature and combining it with a graphic expression. The artworks are shown on her homepage.


Image borrowed from GreenUpgrader

A quick browse revealed two other European companies offering green ads: Advantage Advertising (UK) , Green Grafitti (NL)


KOMA for angels and cowboys

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KOMA: Yet another of my favorite stores in Oslo. The store was opened by former violinist Marte Krogh and is selling well established brands such as See by Chloe, Whyred and Replay as well as more up an coming brands and hand picked vintage items. Marte Krogh travels around the world to find the best vintage pieces. She has also does her own design. There are three KOMA stores, the one in Hegdehaugsveien 34 is certainly worth a visit interiorwise. Rough concrete walls and a nice display gives the store a really cool look.

Image borrowed from KOMA

Pur Norsk

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Pur Norsk is a store specializing in Norwegian design. It is located in Theresesgate in Oslo. Here are some of my favorites:

Blenda by Christian Sæther

Hangman by & Sons

Dots by Tveit og Tornøe

Images borrowed from Pur Norsk


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Futura (previously known as Cirka Design) is a store in Oslo (Teresesgate 3) which specializes in design classics both second hand and new production. They have many of my beloved Eames chairs and that orange Panton pendant lamp Flowerpot is on my wish list for sure.

Images borrowed from Futura

The original glass fiber Eames chairs are reproduced by craftsmen in Los Angeles. They are produced with the old moulds from the factory of Herman Miller. The chairs can be ordered at Futura. Here is a video of how the chairs are made:

Sole Service by Permafrost 2005

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Images borrowed from Permafrost

Quoted from “The second Sole Service store was made exclusively for girls, featuring streetwear and sneakers only in women’s sizes. The main idea for the design was to create a diverse and exiting environment, inspiring customers to spend more time discovering the treasures to be found on the shelves.”

John Deere – Permafrost

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Image borrowed from Permafrost

Quoted from “The John Deere rug offers a snapshot of life in rural Scandinavia. Heavy machinery has long since replaced the labor of farm animals, leaving its trademark tracks in the grass and mud. (On the outskirts of civilization, reading such tracks is a vital skill.)”


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A new vintage design store in Oslo specializing in 80´s/90´s clothing and accessories. Located in Posthallen. Seems to be worth a visit judging from the playful deco and references from the past, and the location Posthallen which probably adds to interesting contrasts.

Flashdance – ny vintage- og designbutikk med inspirasjon i Dynastiet vs. Nintendo

Images borrowed from MadeinNorwayNow

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