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Office interior by and for architecture firm mode:lina.

I love the seemless meeting between floor and furniture. Found at


Whisky Barrel Flooring

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The Scotch industry has searched and found a way to bring a second life to their used barrels. McKay Flooring turnes them into, yes, floors. I like it! read more at Materia, or at the McKay Flooring Ltd homepage where it can be ordered.

Whisky Flooring

Image borrowed from McKay Flooring Ltd

Coconut fiber chairs

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Moulded chairs from a mixture of coconut fibers and resin, an new material from Asia. The chairs are designed and produced by Singapore based Cilicon Faytory. A new natural material sounds nice, but I always find it difficult to determine the eco benefits of these new materials. How toxic is the resin? What can be done with the chair when it ends its life? Im´m curious.

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Colored epoxy gives new life to table tops

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By the Japanese architecture studio Schemata.



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felt stools

felt_chairdetail clouds

Founded by a couple in Toronto in 2002, making pieces of handmade natural materials. They run a store in Toronto, and have  many retailers across the World. In Europe there are retailers in France, Belgium, England, Ireland and the Netherlands.


Sort of Coal

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Quoted from :

“The charcoal itself is produced through a rich burning process where the wood is exposed to extremely high temperatures with restricted oxygen. The wood is transformed into pure carbon (more than 90 percent) with a structure of countless pores.

It is this unique surface that gives White Charcoal its amazing purifying quality. The structure and pore size vary with each type of wood, which in turn make its purifying qualities beneficial for different uses. These uses range from purifying air and water, to absorbing humidity and odor, to cleansing the skin and inner organs.”

‘sofa-dress’ and ‘table-dish-cover’ by Maezm

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Quoted from

“Made from urethane foam, the ‘sofa-dress’ explores the suggestion of furniture. the act of putting the ‘clothes of a sofa’ on an existing chair, makes the previous object become a more comfortable piece of seating.”


Quoted from

“Maezm will also be exhibiting their ‘table-dish-cover’. the flexible table cloth substitutes dishes and other serveware making it possible to prepare food anywhere just by spreading it over a table. when the meal is over, the ‘table-dish cover’ is removed and washed. made from infected molded silicon, the flexible cloth of dishes can be folded, rolled or crushed, bringing a new way of life that is not affected by space or time limitations.”


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