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Colored epoxy gives new life to table tops

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By the Japanese architecture studio Schemata.



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“The problem is never to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get the old ones out.”

Dee Hock (Founder of VISA International)

Visual Voltage

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“visual voltage is an exhibition which explores the use of energy through smart design. the show is meant to give insight into electricity, energy consumption and environmental issues. the projects on show are all developed by swedish designers and artists, expressing their  creative roles as a means to generate awareness and debates on essential issues such as  sustainability and energy consumption, shedding new light on how we use electricity.  the exhibition is one of the expos which is part of design september brussels 2009 which runs from september 10th to october 2nd, 2009.”

Did you know?

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Reality TV by Philippe Starck – Design for Life

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“Design For Life follows the fortunes of the 12 students – seven men and five women – who must battle it out to impress Starck. Ably assisted by top designer Eugeni and his agency’s head of communications, Jasmine, Starck will send the weakest home as and when he feels it necessary. At the end of the series, one lucky British designer will be rewarded with a six-month placement at his design agency.”


TREND: Vi er følelsesmessige opplevelsesjegere

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“Trendforsker Anne Lise Kjaer beskrev morgensdagens forbrukere som følelsesmessige opplevelsesjegere på jakt etter meningen med livet på dagens Motion-konferanse.”

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