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Renreklame is the only Norwegian provider of green outdoor advertising. The concept is based on communicating a message, without doing it on the expense of the environment. The company is creating advertising through using what is already at hand in nature. They make what they call green graffiti or reverse graffiti, moss and ice advertising.

Images borrowed from Renreklame

Green grafitti is also made as artistic wall murals, such as the one by Anna Garforth shown on the image below, found at GreenUpgrader. Anna Garforth has done many interesting and beautiful artworks using what is at hand in nature and combining it with a graphic expression. The artworks are shown on her homepage.


Image borrowed from GreenUpgrader

A quick browse revealed two other European companies offering green ads: Advantage Advertising (UK) , Green Grafitti (NL)

Whisky Barrel Flooring

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The Scotch industry has searched and found a way to bring a second life to their used barrels. McKay Flooring turnes them into, yes, floors. I like it! read more at Materia, or at the McKay Flooring Ltd homepage where it can be ordered.

Whisky Flooring

Image borrowed from McKay Flooring Ltd

Coconut fiber chairs

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Moulded chairs from a mixture of coconut fibers and resin, an new material from Asia. The chairs are designed and produced by Singapore based Cilicon Faytory. A new natural material sounds nice, but I always find it difficult to determine the eco benefits of these new materials. How toxic is the resin? What can be done with the chair when it ends its life? Im´m curious.

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Upcycled gym floors

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By Danish designer Søren Rose. Found at ohdeedoh.

Images borrowed from ohdeedoh.

Wall art

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What a cool way to reuse toilet paper rolls!

Here is the way to do it.

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Solar backpack

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