LitTle blaCk cLoud @ Epla

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I´ve opened up a new store at Epla: LitTle blaCk cLoud

Currently it offers photographs in the size of 20 x 30 cm, mainly motifs of architecture and city scenes. Later I will add some graphic mixed media work.

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Renreklame is the only Norwegian provider of green outdoor advertising. The concept is based on communicating a message, without doing it on the expense of the environment. The company is creating advertising through using what is already at hand in nature. They make what they call green graffiti or reverse graffiti, moss and ice advertising.

Images borrowed from Renreklame

Green grafitti is also made as artistic wall murals, such as the one by Anna Garforth shown on the image below, found at GreenUpgrader. Anna Garforth has done many interesting and beautiful artworks using what is at hand in nature and combining it with a graphic expression. The artworks are shown on her homepage.


Image borrowed from GreenUpgrader

A quick browse revealed two other European companies offering green ads: Advantage Advertising (UK) , Green Grafitti (NL)

Rachel Austin

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I found these nice works of art on Etsy. I love the naive simplicity of them. Rachel Austin lives in Portland Oregon, uses mixed medias and has an obsession with circles. These artworks are made on maps.

Rialto - Original Map Painting

Crawford - Original Map Painting

Images borrowed from Etsy/Rachel Austin

reMade USA

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reMade USA is upcycling old leather clothes and scrap into bags and purses. The company is founded by product designer Shannon South “out of the concern with creating yet another product to add to the gazillions already on this planet”. I admire her.

Image of Filbert

Image of Laurel

Image of Dobbin

Images borrowed from reMade USA

Studio on Fire

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Studio on Fire is a design/letterpress company in Minneapolis, USA. They combine production knowledge with a great sensitivity to design. I recently bought a poster (second image) at their online store. It is really tactile and very beautiful. I found them through a friend who ordered his business cards from them. This week I came across them again as I stumbled upon the Norwegian illustrator and graphic designer Cecilie Ellefsen who has contributed to a Studio on Fire calendar. They are also featured on Martha Stewart Weddings this month.


Images borrowed from Studio on Fire

Hamster wheel

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Macoto Murayama

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Quoted from

“based on his research of botanical drawings and photography the japanese artist macoto murayama created the collection ‘inorganic flora’: a new form of plant depiction that transcends accepted (common, usual) horizons of botanical illustration’.”


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