Antonello Fusé – Coat hangers

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Found at Designboom, an inventive way to use old chairs for coat hangers inspired by the tradition to hang ones coat on the chairs back.  I am a bit worried about the rest of the chair though, it might have done a better job with its first intended purpose. However, I like the look of it.  The coat hangers are a part of a collection made by resign in Italy who work with re-use of materials and objects in what they call a meta project. More about the details here.

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Plaster Letter Project DIY tutorial

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I like letters (!) as I have already mentioned in a previous post. A few days ago I found this cool tutorial at poppytalk. I guess it is a bit of a mess to make these letters, but the result sure looks nice!

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Vintage Tennis Racket Mirrors

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There is a second life for most stuff

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The perfect wedding

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If I ever will, I might like it if it looked like this. Watch the movie here.





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birds & cloudberries

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Oh my… already tired of the MariLee name. It is really difficult to choose a good name for stuff. The new one for my Epla store is <<birds & cloudberries>>. There is no symbolism really. I just like the two words and I think they go good together. I guess the name could reflect the store to be selling different categories of things, jewelry and vintage items. I think I am quite happy with this name ♥

Wall art

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What a cool way to reuse toilet paper rolls!

Here is the way to do it.

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Epla finds ♥

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