Janine Benyus shares nature’s designs

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Quoted from ted.com:

“As champion of biomimicry, Benyus has become one of the most important voices in a new wave of designers and engineers inspired by nature. Her most recent project, AskNature, explores what happens if we think of nature by function and looks at what organisms can teach us about design.”



The design genius of Charles + Ray Eames: Eames Demetrios on TED.com

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Design Strategy at a Glance

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Quoted from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ralfbeuker/3324788163/

Design as Meaningful User Interaction

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Quoted from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ralfbeuker/3044313700/in/set-72157613231417309

“This has been our approach in order to frame Design with its different layers and dimensions into contexts people are experiencing design. One of the insight (hopefully) to be achieved is to make people/users aware that Design, both as process and output means different things in different contexts. One example of such a scenario could for example that talking about design with an engineer will touch completely different issues than talking to a Brand Manager instead as they ‘see’ Design as ‘Process’ opposed to ‘Expression’.”

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