MariLee on Epla

09.07.10 § Leave a comment

I love the online stores that are emerging were you can create your own store and sell stuff designed and made by yourself. It really creates a great market place for original handcrafted products and provides interesting alternatives to mass produced goods. I think this is a big wave coming. It has always been there of course, but now people are getting more and more environmentally aware, and people want things that are original, that have personality, that you can´t find everywhere. It is the reaction to the anonymity of massproduced goods. The global version of the online community is called Etsy and has hundreds of thousands of sellers in 150 countries. The Norwegian version is called Epla. I just created my own online store there called MariLee (my new online pseudonym). Some years ago I was making jewellery and sold most of it, but I still have some left. The pieces I still found to be nice I put up for sale in my store. I also lived in an old apartment down town some years ago. The kind with high ceilings and old wooden floors. The chandelier and the old beautiful lamp with shades made of  pearl were perfect for that apartment, but do not fit in were I live now. I´m curious to see if I can sell them on Epla!



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