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18.06.10 § 1 Comment

One of my favorite bloggers Signe Schineller has posted a competition to win this fabulous wallsticker from Happylines. To win it she askes for the sources of inspiration. Thinking about it I must say that at the time my inspiration comes from history. The history of things. The book Waste and Want : A Social History of Trash by Susan Strasser has inspired me a lot to look at what I have, and to see value in everything. There was something beautiful in the way people handled the materialities in life before our culture of excessive consumerism. Possessions, like furniture, where objects of many hours of labour, expensive to attribute and important to maintain in good condition. I feel a new kind of responsibility now towards my possessions, and am currently making an effort to put everything in use or to sell it. I feel a strange sense of nausea by just having a lot of things I don´t even know I have. It sickens me. That´s why I love Signe´s blog RE:SIGNERT, she has so many great ideas on how to give old furniture a new and fresh life. I imagine her furniture just to be glowing of pride because she remade them so beautifully. As I am currently writing my master thesis on how things lose their value and become waste, specifically concerning furniture, I find this blog very fun and inspiring.

So, I find inspiration in seeing the potential in old, worn and seemingly useless objects, or just displaced objects who just need some attention to serve a function again. In general I find creative inspiration mostly in art, architecture, photography and nature. Additionally I often find industrial places like factories and building sites with all the different kinds of constructions, machines and vehicles quite fascinating and inspirational as well. There is something about the colors, lines and textures that intrigues me.




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  • mariehebrok says:

    Sad to say I didn´t win. Oh well… Still considering a grass green version on the wall in my staircase, it´s really cute!

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