London shoot locations

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Found at Ideas to Steal

Love the iNdustrial gLam

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Wanderlust. Design by Asylum (Singapore).

Found at Below The Clouds

The Story of Electronics

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More products by TAF (Sweden)

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Images borrowed from

Art work by Iain Mcarthur / Camilla do Rosário

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Found at SWORSK

Raul Perdomo

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Found at SWORSK

Wooden Lighting

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Found at Apartment Therapy

Package furniture

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By the Swedish architecture firm TAF. Found at Below The Clouds.

Soft Parcel / Foto: Joakim Bergström


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Book illusion ♥

New York: Designed by Nema Workshop. Found at We Heart.

D'Espresso, New York

Photo by: David Joseph


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Office interior by and for architecture firm mode:lina.

I love the seemless meeting between floor and furniture. Found at

LitTle blaCk cLoud @ Epla

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I´ve opened up a new store at Epla: LitTle blaCk cLoud

Currently it offers photographs in the size of 20 x 30 cm, mainly motifs of architecture and city scenes. Later I will add some graphic mixed media work.

Produktbilde Produktbilde Produktbilde Produktbilde Produktbilde Produktbilde Produktbilde Produktbilde Produktbilde Produktbilde

Deer & Ugly Owl

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Coat racks made from laminate flooring residues.

Found at Wilma & Friends.

Image borrowed from Wilma & Friends

Ashes to Ashes

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This chair is made of ash wood and inspired by the ash tree. It is designed by johanna Mattsson as her graduation project at the Danish Design School in Copenhagen. Her aim was to create outdoor furniture which does not use exotic wood types and which are suited for the Scandinavian climate. I don´t know how it feels to sit in this chair, but the shape is beautiful.

04_ashes_to_ashes_by_johanna_mattsson_front 02_ashes_to_ashes_by_johanna_mattsson_tree

Images borrowed from Contemporist


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Renreklame is the only Norwegian provider of green outdoor advertising. The concept is based on communicating a message, without doing it on the expense of the environment. The company is creating advertising through using what is already at hand in nature. They make what they call green graffiti or reverse graffiti, moss and ice advertising.

Images borrowed from Renreklame

Green grafitti is also made as artistic wall murals, such as the one by Anna Garforth shown on the image below, found at GreenUpgrader. Anna Garforth has done many interesting and beautiful artworks using what is at hand in nature and combining it with a graphic expression. The artworks are shown on her homepage.


Image borrowed from GreenUpgrader

A quick browse revealed two other European companies offering green ads: Advantage Advertising (UK) , Green Grafitti (NL)

Repurposed jute

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Gus* - UpCycle Ottoman

Image borrowed from 2modern

This ottoman from 2modern is upholstered using repurposed fair trade coffee bags.

KOMA for angels and cowboys

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KOMA: Yet another of my favorite stores in Oslo. The store was opened by former violinist Marte Krogh and is selling well established brands such as See by Chloe, Whyred and Replay as well as more up an coming brands and hand picked vintage items. Marte Krogh travels around the world to find the best vintage pieces. She has also does her own design. There are three KOMA stores, the one in Hegdehaugsveien 34 is certainly worth a visit interiorwise. Rough concrete walls and a nice display gives the store a really cool look.

Image borrowed from KOMA

Antonello Fusé – Coat hangers

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Found at Designboom, an inventive way to use old chairs for coat hangers inspired by the tradition to hang ones coat on the chairs back.  I am a bit worried about the rest of the chair though, it might have done a better job with its first intended purpose. However, I like the look of it.  The coat hangers are a part of a collection made by resign in Italy who work with re-use of materials and objects in what they call a meta project. More about the details here.

Images borrowed from Designboom

Rachel Austin

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I found these nice works of art on Etsy. I love the naive simplicity of them. Rachel Austin lives in Portland Oregon, uses mixed medias and has an obsession with circles. These artworks are made on maps.

Rialto - Original Map Painting

Crawford - Original Map Painting

Images borrowed from Etsy/Rachel Austin

Plaster Letter Project DIY tutorial

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I like letters (!) as I have already mentioned in a previous post. A few days ago I found this cool tutorial at poppytalk. I guess it is a bit of a mess to make these letters, but the result sure looks nice!

Images borrowed from poppytalk

Pur Norsk

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Pur Norsk is a store specializing in Norwegian design. It is located in Theresesgate in Oslo. Here are some of my favorites:

Blenda by Christian Sæther

Hangman by & Sons

Dots by Tveit og Tornøe

Images borrowed from Pur Norsk

reMade USA

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reMade USA is upcycling old leather clothes and scrap into bags and purses. The company is founded by product designer Shannon South “out of the concern with creating yet another product to add to the gazillions already on this planet”. I admire her.

Image of Filbert

Image of Laurel

Image of Dobbin

Images borrowed from reMade USA

Studio on Fire

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Studio on Fire is a design/letterpress company in Minneapolis, USA. They combine production knowledge with a great sensitivity to design. I recently bought a poster (second image) at their online store. It is really tactile and very beautiful. I found them through a friend who ordered his business cards from them. This week I came across them again as I stumbled upon the Norwegian illustrator and graphic designer Cecilie Ellefsen who has contributed to a Studio on Fire calendar. They are also featured on Martha Stewart Weddings this month.


Images borrowed from Studio on Fire

Water & Wood by IDAG

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I find the idea with the drop of water running down the legs of this stool very good. So simple and still it makes all the difference. The stools are also presented in a cool way on these playful images with the energetic red background.

More about Water HERE

More about Wood HERE
Images borrowed from Designspotter


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Futura (previously known as Cirka Design) is a store in Oslo (Teresesgate 3) which specializes in design classics both second hand and new production. They have many of my beloved Eames chairs and that orange Panton pendant lamp Flowerpot is on my wish list for sure.

Images borrowed from Futura

The original glass fiber Eames chairs are reproduced by craftsmen in Los Angeles. They are produced with the old moulds from the factory of Herman Miller. The chairs can be ordered at Futura. Here is a video of how the chairs are made:

Second hand cool blue FINN finds ♡

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FINN is a Norwegian site for buying and selling used items amongst other services. Similar to the Craigslist. Here are some finds from the furniture section:

Dominos Table by Neue Tische

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Through re-nest I discovered this Berlin based design company Neue Tische. I like their simplistic style and use of materials, and how cool isn´t this Dominos Table!? Playful and beautiful at the same time.

Images borrowed from Neue Tische

Vintage Tennis Racket Mirrors

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There is a second life for most stuff

Image borrowed from Apartment Therapy

Sole Service by Permafrost 2005

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Images borrowed from Permafrost

Quoted from “The second Sole Service store was made exclusively for girls, featuring streetwear and sneakers only in women’s sizes. The main idea for the design was to create a diverse and exiting environment, inspiring customers to spend more time discovering the treasures to be found on the shelves.”

John Deere – Permafrost

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Image borrowed from Permafrost

Quoted from “The John Deere rug offers a snapshot of life in rural Scandinavia. Heavy machinery has long since replaced the labor of farm animals, leaving its trademark tracks in the grass and mud. (On the outskirts of civilization, reading such tracks is a vital skill.)”


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A new vintage design store in Oslo specializing in 80´s/90´s clothing and accessories. Located in Posthallen. Seems to be worth a visit judging from the playful deco and references from the past, and the location Posthallen which probably adds to interesting contrasts.

Flashdance – ny vintage- og designbutikk med inspirasjon i Dynastiet vs. Nintendo

Images borrowed from MadeinNorwayNow

Ola Windsor

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A Norwegian design classic designed by Alf Sture, now manufactured by Tonning Møbelfabrikk in new colors! I want one, in ORANGE!

Image borrowed from MadeinNorwayNow

Whisky Barrel Flooring

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The Scotch industry has searched and found a way to bring a second life to their used barrels. McKay Flooring turnes them into, yes, floors. I like it! read more at Materia, or at the McKay Flooring Ltd homepage where it can be ordered.

Whisky Flooring

Image borrowed from McKay Flooring Ltd

Coconut fiber chairs

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Moulded chairs from a mixture of coconut fibers and resin, an new material from Asia. The chairs are designed and produced by Singapore based Cilicon Faytory. A new natural material sounds nice, but I always find it difficult to determine the eco benefits of these new materials. How toxic is the resin? What can be done with the chair when it ends its life? Im´m curious.

Images borrowed from

Hand carved Ghost Stool

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It is hand carved from solid wood! Found at Tally Locke on Etsy.

Ghost Stool - Origins 2010 Collection

Ghost Stool - Origins 2010 Collection

Images borrowed from Tally Locke / Etsy

Upcycled gym floors

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By Danish designer Søren Rose. Found at ohdeedoh.

Images borrowed from ohdeedoh.

Eames classic

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I just never get tired of these classic chairs designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1948. They were made of fiberglass, plastic resin for Hermann Miller at that time. Now Vitra is manufacturing the Eames furnishings and the same design made of plastic has become very popular. These are at auction at here.

Ray and Charles Eames.jpg

Image borrowed from Wikipedia

Images borrowed from

The perfect wedding

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If I ever will, I might like it if it looked like this. Watch the movie here.





Images borrowed from Etsy

Can you believe it?!

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They are carved from pencil tips. In Connecticut. Dalton Ghetti´s miniature masterpieces found through accidental mysteries.

More about it at at accidental mysteries.


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Another favorite store in Oslo. The clothing lines are simplistic with the right touch of originality, so is the shop interior.

Brands are: Isabel Marant / Acne / Vanessa Bruno / Le Praires de Paris / Stine Goya / A.P.C / Aymara / Isse by Fleur Tang / MM6 / Hope / Surface 2 Air / n.d.c / Yvonne Kone/ Julie Park / Forte Forte / Masscob / Lala Berlin / Helena Rohner

KEMT a/s

Hegdehaugsveien 23, (entrance Parkveien) 0352 Oslo.

Photo from an Isabel Marant campaign.

Just love the illustrations made to feature the store by Esra Røise.

Have free wall space?

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Have some free wall space and tired of hanging framed pictures? Hang your favorite pictures on a wire or thread using pinches. When you get bored of it just change the pictures!


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Think new about the objects we rarely think about!


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MARK + BRANDY is one of my favorite stores in Oslo both fashion and interior wise. It is located in the shopping mall Sandvika Storsenter. The store sells international brands and hand pick items to match their profile. The interior is airy and has nice clean lines. The entrance level has a rougher feel to it with concrete floors and hvite moulded shapes flowing through the space giving the clothes a nice surface to be presented on. The lower level called the boutique has a more exclusive luxurious but simplistic touch. Brands are Acne, See by Chloe, J. Lindeberg and Filippa K, just to mention a few.

The staff is very friendly, professional and helpful. Special items from the collections of the brands held by the store but which are not to be found in the store can be ordered specifically. Three years ago I bought some (very expensive)Buttero boots there. My credit card was smoking, but I just love them, and still do! I make a real effort to keep them in good shape, real quality just lasts longer.

bilder fra butikken

Image borrowed from:

birds & cloudberries

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Oh my… already tired of the MariLee name. It is really difficult to choose a good name for stuff. The new one for my Epla store is <<birds & cloudberries>>. There is no symbolism really. I just like the two words and I think they go good together. I guess the name could reflect the store to be selling different categories of things, jewelry and vintage items. I think I am quite happy with this name ♥

Wall art

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What a cool way to reuse toilet paper rolls!

Here is the way to do it.

Image borrowed from

Epla finds ♥

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Image borrowed from Epla/Renna Deluxe


Image borrowed from Epla/Heimlaga


Image borrowed from Epla/Henriflettes


Image borrowed from Epla/Staffasje i Møllergata


Image borrowed from Epla/Camilla Hounsell Design


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My last paint job project. Painting this wooden dresser. Finally it´s nice and white! I love letters. I think they add a graphic cool something to the room. I have them all over. No words are spelled though to the surprise of my friends. I can´t seem to decide on words. They all seem silly in a way standing somewhere alone.



I browsed Etsy for cool letters and found these:


Image borrowed from Etsy/Hindsvik


Retro/Modern Walnut Letter- K

Image borrowed from Etsy/EdiesLab


LETTER Z- Standing up

Image borrowed from Etsy/compulsivecollection


Letter N Custom Moss Hanging Wreath Initial

Image borrowed from Etsy/SimpleSweetDesign


MariLee on Epla

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I love the online stores that are emerging were you can create your own store and sell stuff designed and made by yourself. It really creates a great market place for original handcrafted products and provides interesting alternatives to mass produced goods. I think this is a big wave coming. It has always been there of course, but now people are getting more and more environmentally aware, and people want things that are original, that have personality, that you can´t find everywhere. It is the reaction to the anonymity of massproduced goods. The global version of the online community is called Etsy and has hundreds of thousands of sellers in 150 countries. The Norwegian version is called Epla. I just created my own online store there called MariLee (my new online pseudonym). Some years ago I was making jewellery and sold most of it, but I still have some left. The pieces I still found to be nice I put up for sale in my store. I also lived in an old apartment down town some years ago. The kind with high ceilings and old wooden floors. The chandelier and the old beautiful lamp with shades made of  pearl were perfect for that apartment, but do not fit in were I live now. I´m curious to see if I can sell them on Epla!

DIY flag banners

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I´m catching on to the DIY trend and made this cool banner out of colored cardboard. I think it´s a real fun way to decorate a room. I haven´t hung anything above my bed because I didn´t want to hang any more framed pictures in the bedroom. This banner makes the room much more interesting an playful. Banners can be a cool touch in any room I think!


I browsed around for some more cool banners online and found these:

Custom Set of Three Banners

Image borrowed from Etsy/Monkeypuzzle:

Birthday banner / playroom fabric flag bunting -- red, pink and white

Image borrowed from Etsy/BlueMoonStudios:

Beautiful Bunting Handmade Yellow Polka Dot Small

Image borrowed from Etsy/ Heidiadnum:

Recycled Algebra Book Banner - Festive and Fun MATH Flag for your office or studio

Image borrowed from Etsy/redtruckdesigns:

Vintage Wallpaper Birds @ Briggs Lekehus

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Another one of my favorite DIY bloggers Briggs Lekehus is giving out two vintage wallpaper birds tomorrow. I really love a lot of her ideas, like the branch lamp and the cool suitcase storage.

Images borrowed from Briggs Lekehus

Happylines @ RE:SIGNERT

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One of my favorite bloggers Signe Schineller has posted a competition to win this fabulous wallsticker from Happylines. To win it she askes for the sources of inspiration. Thinking about it I must say that at the time my inspiration comes from history. The history of things. The book Waste and Want : A Social History of Trash by Susan Strasser has inspired me a lot to look at what I have, and to see value in everything. There was something beautiful in the way people handled the materialities in life before our culture of excessive consumerism. Possessions, like furniture, where objects of many hours of labour, expensive to attribute and important to maintain in good condition. I feel a new kind of responsibility now towards my possessions, and am currently making an effort to put everything in use or to sell it. I feel a strange sense of nausea by just having a lot of things I don´t even know I have. It sickens me. That´s why I love Signe´s blog RE:SIGNERT, she has so many great ideas on how to give old furniture a new and fresh life. I imagine her furniture just to be glowing of pride because she remade them so beautifully. As I am currently writing my master thesis on how things lose their value and become waste, specifically concerning furniture, I find this blog very fun and inspiring.

So, I find inspiration in seeing the potential in old, worn and seemingly useless objects, or just displaced objects who just need some attention to serve a function again. In general I find creative inspiration mostly in art, architecture, photography and nature. Additionally I often find industrial places like factories and building sites with all the different kinds of constructions, machines and vehicles quite fascinating and inspirational as well. There is something about the colors, lines and textures that intrigues me.